I know this tart may look kinda fancy, but rest assured it's quite easy to make. 

If you love vegan snickers bars then this chocolate tart is made for you. It consists of a no-bake crust, peanut butter caramel, and chocolate ganache, all topped off with roasted peanuts. 

Here’s what’s to love about this recipe

  • Made with 9 ingredients or less
  • Easy to make
  • Eggless and dairy-free
  • Can be adapted as refined sugar-free 
  • Deliciously sweet and salty 
  • Perfect for special occasions (holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s)
  • Tastes like snickers in a tart!
slice of peanut butter chocolate tart on cream plate.Pin

Ingredients overview

  • Peanut butter: Make sure you use natural peanut butter that has no added sugars or oils. 
  • Medjool dates: Juicy Medjool dates are amazing for the caramel in this recipe. If you are using different dates, just make sure they are soft or soak them in a little warm water first if needed.
  • Pure maple syrup: Together with the dates, this sweetens the caramel layer of the snickers tart.
  • Cashews: These are used to make the no-bake crust. If you don't want to use cashews, you can replace them with blanched peanuts instead. 
  • Coconut milk: My preference is to use full-fat canned coconut milk for a creamy caramel, however, any plant-based milk works well here.
  • Vegan chocolate: For a refined sugar-free chocolate tart, opt for a coconut sugar-sweetened chocolate like this vegan milk chocolate.
  • Cacao butter: This gives a delicious flavor to the chocolate ganache. If you can't get cacao butter, you can swap it out for additional vegan chocolate.
  • Roasted peanuts: These give a delicious crunch and flavor to the chocolate tart. If you're avoiding salt, then use unsalted peanuts. 
  • Sea salt: This enhances the chocolate flavor of the ganache layer.
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How to make this recipe (with step-by-step images)

(Full ingredient quantities and instructions can be found in the recipe card at the end of this post)

Step 1: No-bake crust

The crust for this vegan snickers tart literally couldn't be easier to make. Simply add the dry ingredients (in this case cashews and salt) to your food processor and blitz them to a fine crumb consistency.

Next, add in the wet ingredients (peanut butter and maple syrup) and blend again for a couple of minutes. The ingredients will begin to stick together and form a dough-like consistency when you press them between your fingers.

Press the dough into the base and sides of your tart tin. Use your hands first to evenly distribute the dough. Then switch over to a flat-bottomed glass or cup measure to smooth out the surface of the crust and compact it into all the grooves of the tin.

Now simply trim the edges of the pastry using a knife to make it all neat and presentable.

Step 2: Peanut butter caramel 

I know I said the crust for this peanut butter chocolate tart was simple but the caramel layer is perhaps even more so. It's similar to the method in these vegan caramel brownies whereby the blender does pretty much all the work for you.

Simply chuck the ingredients into your high-speed blender and blend until REALLY SMOOTH. If your blender is struggling, you can add a touch more plant-based milk and give it breaks intermittently between blending.

blended date caramel for chocolate tart in a blender.Pin

Now possibly the most satisfying part of making this tart (besides eating it of course) is spreading the ooey-gooey caramel out on top of the crust using a spatula. 

Top with a sprinkling of roasted peanuts for the ultimate snickers tart flavor and crunch.

Step 3: Chocolate ganache

To make the vegan chocolate ganache filling for your peanut butter tart, first gently warm coconut milk in a saucepan. Be careful not to boil it, as coconut milk can separate if boiled which isn't so pretty. 

Pour the coconut milk into a bowl over the chocolate and cacao butter and let them sit and melt into one another for a few minutes. After a good whisking, add in your maple syrup and salt and stir the ganache again to make sure it's nice and silky smooth.

Here comes another satisfying part in the form of pouring the chocolate ganache over the peanut butter caramel tart.

You can create a fancy swirl design on top of the tart if you like. To get the swirl effect on top, place the tart tin on top of a turntable, and use your spatula to make a swirl print on the surface of the cake whilst spinning the turntable. 

pouring melted chocolate ganache into a tart with peanut butter caramel in it.Pin

Snickers tart decoration ideas

The best thing about this vegan snickers cake is that you can go totally nuts with the toppings! 

  • Chopped roasted peanuts
  • A drizzle of melted chocolate and peanut butter
  • Chocolate shards or chocolate curls
  • Mini peanut butter cups
  • Sea salt or Maldon flakes

chocolate tart with peanut butter center and roasted peanuts on top.Pin


  • Peanut butter and peanuts: Swap out for another nut butter and nuts of your choice. Almond butter or cashew butter would work really well.
  • Cashews: Replace them with blanched peanuts if you want to steer clear of tree nuts in this recipe.
  • Coconut milk: Another thick plant-based cream such as oat cream or soy cream.

Storage instructions

This vegan snickers tart stores well in the fridge for up to 5 days. Remove the tart from its tin once set and place it in an airtight container or cover with plastic wrap.

Freezing instructions

Alternatively, it can be stored in the freezer and thawed as needed. Ensure it is stored in an airtight container when freezing also.

Expert tips

  • Blending the caramel: This is the blender that I use. All blenders are different, so some just take a little more time to do the job. So be patient with your blender, give it a little break between blitzing, scrape down the edges with your spatula every now and then to give it a helping hand to get the creamy result. You can also add a little more liquid to the caramel to get it going if needed.
  • Freeze the crust: Once you've made the crust, pop it in the freezer while you prepare the caramel. This helps it to set and makes it easier to spread the peanut butter caramel on top.
  • Tart sizing: Ingredient quantities in the ganache layer are for 9.5" tart tin with 2.4cm height. If you want to make a deeper dish tart using a tin with a 3.5cm height or more, you can double the ingredients for the ganache. The ingredients for the crust will work for both sizes, you will have a slightly thinner crust with a taller tart.
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Vegan Snickers Tart (No Bake, Gluten Free)

4.95 from 57 votes
PREP TIME: 40 minutes
COOK TIME: 4 hours
TOTAL TIME: 4 hours 40 minutes
Servings: 12


This vegan snickers tart combines peanuts, caramel, and chocolate in one easy no-bake dessert. It's gluten-free, made using 9 or fewer ingredients, and the perfect dessert for any time of year.




Chocolate ganache *see recipe notes

  • 240 g (1 cup) chilled full-fat canned coconut milk, double if using taller pan *see recipe notes
  • 130 g (4.6 oz) vegan chocolate, double if using taller pan *see recipe notes
  • 30 ml (2 tablespoons) pure maple syrup, double if using taller pan *see recipe notes
  • 25 g (0.88 oz) cacao butter, double if using taller pan *see recipe notes


  • 75 g (½ cup) roasted peanuts, chopped


  • Before beginning, please see the recipe notes below for a guide on ingredients and tart tin sizes.


  • Line the bottom of a tart tin with a removable base with parchment paper (I used one with a 9.5” base and a height of 2.4cm).
  • Add the cashews and salt to your food processor and blitz to a fine crumb. Add the peanut butter and maple syrup, and blend until the mixture starts to form a dough-like consistency. Spread the dough out evenly and press it firmly into the base and sides of the tin using a flat bottomed glass or cup measure. Set the crust aside in the freezer.


  • Add the dates, peanut butter, maple syrup, coconut milk, and salt to your high-speed blender and blitz until smooth without lumps. Spread the peanut caramel out onto the base of the tart and smooth it out using a spatula. Scatter the 150g of roasted peanut on top of the caramel and set the tart aside in the fridge.

Chocolate ganache

  • Roughly chop the chocolate and cocoa butter and place them in a heat-resistant bowl. Add the coconut milk to a saucepan and bring it to a simmer, but do not boil it. Pour the heated coconut milk on top of the chocolate and cacao butter and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Whisk until smooth, then add the maple syrup and salt to taste and whisk again. Set the chocolate mixture aside for ten minutes to cool slightly before pouring it on top of the peanut caramel layer.
  • Chill in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours (or overnight if preferred).
  • Once set, carefully remove the tart from the tin. Decorate with chopped peanuts.


  • This tart stores well in the fridge for up to 5 days, alternatively it can be stored in the freezer and thawed as needed. Ensure it is stored in an airtight container.


  • Chilled coconut milk: Refrigerate the cans of coconut milk overnight, then use only the thick cream from the top of the can.
  • Tart tin sizing guide: Chocolate ganache ingredient quantities are for 9.5" tart tin with 2.4cm height. If using a tin with a 3.5cm height or more, you can double the ingredients for the ganache. The ingredients for the crust will work for both sizes, you will have a slightly thinner crust with a taller tart.
  • Blending the caramel: This is the blender that I use. All blenders are different, so some just take a little more time to do the job. Be patient with your blender, give it a little break between blitzing, scrape down the edges with your spatula every now and then. 
  • Freeze the crust: Once you've made the crust, pop it in the freezer while you prepare the caramel. This helps it to set and makes it easier to spread the peanut butter caramel on top.


Calories: 561kcal | Carbohydrates: 42g | Protein: 15g | Fat: 39g | Saturated Fat: 14g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 8g | Monounsaturated Fat: 15g | Sodium: 297mg | Potassium: 631mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 28g | Vitamin A: 30IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 71mg | Iron: 4mg
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Recipe Rating


  1. 5 stars
    Hey Christina,

    My daughter comes tomorrow we will enjoy 3 of your recipes I made!

    For the Snickers Tart crust option you say Blanched Peanuts which is different than Roasted Peanuts?

    Blanched have more moisture and set better crust than toasted?

    I store in the freezer so how long before can I defrost to have soft ganache and Caramel? I leave at room temperature then?

  2. 5 stars
    I made this one several times by now and just love it! I even made it to teach some young adults about more healty, more clean yet delicious sweets, and everyone loved it and asked for the recipe 🙂

    1. Hi Seda,

      If you click on the "metric" option underneath the ingredients list on the recipe card you'll be able to see the conversions.

      1. Hi Liana,

        Yes, that's right, you can use salted for the topping if you want it to be really salty-sweet!

    2. 5 stars
      Hey dear Christina,

      It is me again!

      Just a few short questions please


      You use Cashews for a specific reason instead of Peanuts?
      (Because we are in Snickers Cake)


      Since we talked, I found Coconut Cream 24% but special Whipping Cream so I guess it can also be used as Classic Cream without Whipping?

      Coconut Cream need to be chilled like Coconut Milk or it is enough thick at room temperature?

      When I use Coconut Milk I dont have more than 100g solid part in a can..

      So maybe need 2 1/2 or 3can to reach the 240g amount needed?


      Once done the Tart can be frozen like with Cheesecakes until day to serve or night before to fridge?

      As usual thanks so much for your help!

      Your french loyal follower

      Henri 🙂

      1. Hi Henri,

        You can use raw unsalted peanuts if you prefer.

        You can use coconut cream instead of coconut milk. I would chill it unless the package says otherwise. In terms of weight, you will need to measure it and check how many cartons you need to make up the amount listed in the recipe, I'm not familiar with the brand.

        Yes, you can freeze it, per the blog post's instructions.

  3. HOLY TART!! I tried this receipe and omg I absolutely fell in love with it! It's so delicious I can't believe. So happy I found it, thank you! I will definitely do it again ♡.

    1. Hi Selly,

      Awh that's so lovely to hear, I'm so happy you loved the recipe. Thank you so much for the incredible feedback! 🙂

      1. 5 stars
        Hey Christina thanks so much again for your precious informations!

        This Snickers tart looks so tasty as everything you make!


        I had a big bag of Toasted Peanuts at a very good price so I thought to use them for Crust and keep expensive Cashews for your Cheesecakes fillings 😉


        You use Medjool here..

        Me I have amazing MEDJOOL juicy and very soft creamy Sukari and Barhi..At choice..

        Which one would be perfect for Caramel layer?

        #COCONUT MILK and CREAM Differences

        Indeed, some cans and brands yield more solid part..

        But to totally understand, thick part of Coconut Milk is same as Coconut Cream?

        But Coconut Cream has to be chilled too like Coconut Milk to obtain the thick part or at room temperature it works?

        If needed is it possible to mix 2 different Cans of different brand?
        (With different % of Coconut)

        And what is CREAMED COCONUT?
        (I see it from Biona..like a pack..in powder very high fat).


        Great for freezer option if it doesnt change the texture when defrost?

        Peanuts dont loose their "crunchy" and become soggy?


        I ask you the same for Peanut Butter Cheesecake..

        (If I can put Peanuts on top and then freeze the cake..)

        You said yes..

        But if I remove the Tart from the Tin to cover and let in freezer Im scared peanuts can move and topping hurt?

        Maybe the reason you put them just before serving..


        Sorry again for all my questions but I begin the Cakes preparation very soon..

        My birthday is the 20th and need to be perfectly ready thanks to you! 😉

        (You have my adress for what you said if you remember you had something for me..)

        You already helped me so much!

        Im so grateful to you!


        Henri 🙂

      2. 5 stars
        Hey dear Christina,

        Thanks so much for your nice words!

        My daughter comes in one week but I prepare in advance...

        That's why I ask you many things especially for freezer (whipped cream, topping.. )

        I think my Tart Tin of 2,7cm high wasnt ideal for this recipe because crust was way too thin and didnt up well on sides..

        Besides Peanuts seemed very breakable until I added Dates..then it was better..

        For Coconut Milk i made the mistake to usr Can Coconut Milk.. I understand now why my food processor was struggling...but adding some liquid of the can..it worked!

        Im now scared to remove Tart from the tin..because How to store without breaking tart if I have to move her...

        How many days before we eat can I defrost in the fridge the Tart?

  4. 5 stars
    I still think about this recipe and I made it almost a year ago! It’s so perfect and comforting and delicious, like all your recipes, it’s a recipe that brings me joy 💛

    1. Hi Jemima,

      Thank you so much for the incredible feedback! I'm so happy to hear that 💛

      Christina x

  5. I made the recipe delicious and delicious 100%, wishing for the nutritional information and calories

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for the great feedback! I'm looking into implementing that information to the website in the near future 🙂

  6. "2 400ml cans chilled coconut milk use only the thick part from the top of the can"
    coconut milk? not full-fat coconut cream?
    I have X2 one liter of Aroy-D coconut cream in the fridge...

    Thank you

    1. Hi!

      The coconut cream is what separates from the coconut milk and floats to the top of the can when chilled - that's the part you want. If you have a brand that's pure "coconut cream" even better 🙂 Unfortunately here in Ireland it's not every popular so we use coconut milk instead! Hope this helps

      1. 5 stars
        Hi dear Christina,

        I made your Snickers Tart but I struggled on some steps...


        I used Peanuts because I had much but the crust seemed very fragile like sand and I didnt have enough to fill well the sides and it was to thin..

        I also didnt have a sticky texture like dough but more like crumble..

        So I experiment and add some Dates and more Peanuts..

        I had a different texture and enough to fill wel the sides...but Im scared to have not the same result as your crust on pictures 😔

        I did my best but had to find a way to fix my issue..

        I made wrong? Or My crust will be good you think?

        Maybe I should insist in this way..but scared thexcrust break..


        The 150g Full Fat Coconut Milk can is the Thick part only?

        For Ganache it is written but not for this layer...

        Otherwise the Tart is nice, Im now wait to slice and taste the day with my daughter!

      2. Hi Henri,

        Interesting, I think popping it in the freezer to firm up should help. For the caramel, you can use coconut milk or other plantbased milk, it doesn't need to be the cream.

        Hope you enjoy the tart with your daughter and have a lovely weekend!